American Teenage Rebel

from by Halcyon Contender

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High as a kite, filled with glee
Forgetting about the things that make me wanna die
Like the fact that no one likes me, why?
And in this life, I don’t have an ally

I’m pretty fucked up, an emotional stir fry
Maybe that’s why I’m annoying like a fruit fly
I’m a god damn mess, I never apply
To anything I do, anything I want, anything I hunt

For, It seems so pointless, I’m done, I don’t wanna try
I’m broken, but I’m still glued up, I’d rather just shoot up
Pollute my veins with heroin

I’m done trying to my life for all you mother fuckers
I’m done

I’m done trying to my life for all you mother fuckers
I rethought things and I decided to go my own way
You think it’s not okay? That I’m required to stay?
Haha FUCK you, that’s exactly why I’m leaving

Man I really wish we coulda had a relationship
And my mental state didn’t have to slip
But I’m not gonna be another one of these kids
That get brainwashed by society

Me, just me, I’m doing this just for me
So I can get the hell away from this stupid fake life
Cause I don’t want a wife, I just want a girl
I don’t wanna be a big house, I just wanna give a life a whirl
Cause it’s beautiful, and I wanna live it to the fullest

But all you people do is just interfere
And try to give me a stupid fucking career
Fuck that, I don’t want that, I just want you, baby
And maybe I fucked up that too!
It’s hard for me, living in these conditions
Cause all does is kill more of my ambitions

I’m done!
I’m done living my life
For you, for you


from American Teenage Rebel, track released October 23, 2013




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